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Channel Marketer Report

Channel Marketer Report (CMR) is a targeted online publication covering the latest solutions, trends and strategies to help companies optimize their marketing, both to and through their partner networks. CMR also is the co-host of the annual ChannelWeek webinar series with Demand Gen Report and delivers a monthly email newsletter of fresh content to subscribers.

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ABM In Action

ABM In Action (ABMIA) is the go-to source for cutting through the hype and getting real-world perspective from actual practitioners on Account-Based Marketing (ABM). The online publication covers the latest ABM tools, trend and best practices, as well as insights from industry thought leaders. ABMIA also publishes a quarterly e-zine of unique case studies and […]

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Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report (DGR) is a hub for breaking news, in-depth features, podcasts, blogs and industry insights for B2B marketing and sales professionals. The online publication covers the latest product innovations, captures thought-provoking perspectives from top industry thought leaders and offers unique insights into best practices for demand generation, account-based marketing, content marketing and more. […]

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Retail Touchpoints

Retail executives turn to Retail TouchPoints (RTP) to learn new trends, best practices and solutions — in areas such as marketing, merchandising, store operations, IT and supply chain — to guide them on their quest for long-term success. The online publication shares daily industry insights and retail case studies via short and long-form articles, blog […]

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