Executive Director & Senior Advisor

Sally Shankland

Sally is Executive Director & Senior Advisor to Emerald, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Company since 2019.  Previously, she was President and Chief Executive Officer of Emerald in 2019.    Prior to Emerald, she was a Principal at Astra Terra LLC, , her company that provided strategic advisory, consulting and mentoring services.  In 2018, she served as an Interim Executive at Healthline.com, the fastest growing health information site in the world.  Prior to that, Sally was President of Higher Education for McGraw-Hill, and CEO of UBM Americas, a division of UBM PLC.  Sally serves as a Leadership Mentor at Menttium Corporation, and holds a certification in Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching from Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

Sally holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science, Summa Cum Laude, from San Francisco State University.  A life-long learner, Sally has participated in Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School, Duke University, the Cranfield School of Management, and the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management.