B2B Events Industry Outlook 2022: Charting Success Amid Evolving Expectations

Emerald releases benchmark survey results on state of in-person, business-to-business events

Emerald surveyed 1,007 business-to-business event planners, vendors/providers, and attendees in the United States and Canada in fall of 2021. The goal of the research was to gather data about the industry to share with interested professionals.

The outlook report includes data on:

  • Anticipated attendance, sponsorships, and B2B vendors/providers for 2022 in-person and digital events.
  • How limits on in-person events in 2020 affected business outcomes for event attendees, event planners, and B2B event vendors/providers and sponsors.
  • The trend to evolve to year-round offerings and engagement that extend the value of in-person events.
  • What attendees, sponsors, and B2B vendors/providers want from event operators and how those expectations are changing.

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