Leading with Humanity: Emerald’s New Podcast Series Champions Intentional Leadership and Cultural Innovation

Exploring the art of intentional leadership during times of change; Ren Akinci's leadership insights draw a growing audience to Emerald & Advertising Week's Great Minds podcast

New York, NY (May 7, 2024) – Emerald is committed to fostering education and collaboration, creating bridges between diverse business sectors while delivering vital workplace insights through Advertising Week Great Minds: People and Culture podcast. Hosted by Emerald’s EVP & Chief People Officer, Ren Akinci, the series is capturing the attention of a rapidly growing audience of marketing, advertising, technology, and branding professionals. Emerald underscores the significance of nurturing an inclusive, rewarding, and productive work environment, providing audiences with practical strategies, reliable data, and tangible advice to empower leaders seeking to make a positive impact.

“Great Minds: People and Culture focuses the lens on employers and organizations alike who are navigating pressing management challenges that affect real people,” said Matt Scheckner, Advertising Week Global Chairman and ongoing regular podcast host. Ren’s approach to learning from world-class practitioners is a natural extension of the flagship Great Minds podcast, and we could not be prouder or more excited to continue to see this go and grow.”

“At Emerald, we understand that leadership is more than just overcoming obstacles; it’s about creating an environment where empowerment, empathy, and inclusion are at the heart,” said Ren Akinci, Emerald’s EVP & Chief People Officer. “Our podcast has been privileged to host a roster of distinguished industry leaders whose experiences and insights are invaluable. These trailblazers have shared their unique tools and strategies on the show, enabling us to provide our listeners with a blueprint for driving meaningful change while building resilient and successful teams.”

The Great Minds People and Culture podcast aims to provide expert advice through the nuances of intentional leadership during times of change. Each 30-minute episode brings together practical strategies, solid data, and expert insights to inspire and inform. Engaging discussions with leading experts offer a window into effective leadership practices in a shifting landscape, emphasizing that listeners are not alone in facing these challenges. By fostering connections with speakers and the wider community, the podcast encourages a sense of solidarity and provides actionable advice to help leaders reflect and adapt.

“We are deeply grateful for the connection we’ve made with over 5,000 listeners worldwide since introducing our podcast in September 2023,” Akinci added. “It’s truly heartening to see this level of engagement, and we are encouraged by this warm reception. We are now thoughtfully preparing our second season, aiming to delve into topics and trends that reflect the ever-changing landscape of workplace and leadership.”

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