Management Team

Hervé Sedky

President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Field

Chief Operating Officer

David Doft

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Charles

Chief Information Officer

Stacey Sayetta

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Ren Akinci

EVP, People & Culture

Jessica Blue

EVP, Emerald

Gannon Brousseau

EVP, Emerald

Issa Jouaneh

EVP, Emerald Xcelerator

Johanna Morse

EVP, Emerald

Brian Pagel

EVP, Emerald

Lori Silva

EVP, Emerald

Amy Sklar

EVP, Sales

Karalynn Sprouse

EVP, Emerald

Beth Cowperthwaite

SVP, Communications

Sandy Deane

SVP, Content and Product Strategy

Kate Elder

SVP, Controller

Melanie Pereira

SVP, Finance

Danielle Puceta

SVP, Corporate Strategy & Xcelerator

Deb Webb

SVP, Event Operations

Joanne Wheatley

SVP, Marketing and Digital Operations

Michael Chen

VP, Deputy General Counsel

Eric Reaves

VP, People and Culture